Politiki zasebnosti

Organizacija Saop d. V nadaljevanju smo Vam pripravili predlog soglasij za obdelovanje osebnih podatkov uporabnikov ERP informacijskega sistema iCenter in spletnega sistema Minimax. Upravljavec osebnih podatkov: upravljavec pomeni podjetje Saop d. Pravilnik o varovanju osebnih podatkov je notranji akt o varovanju osebnih podatkov upravljavca ali pogodbenega obdelovalca osebnih podatkov.

Weep holes at top of window

My interpretation of the the code is bottom row of bricks Anna above windows and doors. Is this a defect. Flashing and Weep holes In general, when a collar joint, cavity or air space is interrupted, such as at sills, at the base of the walls, at lintels over openings and at shelf angle supports, flashing should be provided in the wall. The function of flashing is to serve as a collector for any moisture penetrating the wall or the sill.

Windows hypervisor platform install

Since the major revamp of the Android Emulator two years ago, we have focused on delivering a fast and feature-rich emulator to help you build great app experiences for users. Today, the Android Emulator is the top device deployed to from Android Studio - more than 2x over physical Android devices. We are humbled to hear from many of you that the Android Emulator has come a long way, but we are not done yet.

Hardest zodiac signs to get over

Once you know what your star sign is, it's almost impossible not to become obsessed. From dictating how likely someone is to cheatto what their worst relationship behaviour is, we can attribute a lot to the stars. And it turns out, our zodiac sign can also explain why some of us find it so hard to get over breakups, and our exes.